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It’s basically like hanging out with your new best friend (that’s me!) and I just so happen to have a camera with me.

Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. Maybe you’re always the one taking the photos, you’re needing a self confidence boost, or maybe you’re just wondering what the heck am I supposed to do with my arms??? 

That's why you get a hands-on planning process regardless of what package you choose. Pinterest inspiration boards, getting to know you questionnaires, collaborating on a game plan via Zoom, and styling guides to help you choose outfits are just a few of the stepping stones between your inquiry and your session date. They're all intentionally designed to build trust between us and help you feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

You're getting more than just a photographer.

I have a full arsenal of puns and dad jokes ready to go, plus a positive attitude that just won’t quit. I hope you’re prepared to feel AMAZING, because I’m ready to be your #1 queerleader. (Cheerleader? Queer? Get it?) 😅

I especially love photographing fellow LGBTQ+ people because I know firsthand how important it is to have a photographer that affirms and celebrates you - not just tolerates you. 

I’m a Leo and an only child, and I’ve got a healthy dose of confidence. I’m extremely proud of my work and the entire ~experience~ I provide, from our first email to your gallery delivery and beyond! 

I'm a photographer, social media queen, location scout, stray hair fixer, dress fluffer, stylist, and so much more! You get comprehensive guidance no matter what service you decide to book.

I wear many hats

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I'm queer as f*ck

My wife Ali and I have been together for seven years and got married in September of 2023! We met in college (we both went to schools in Boston) and only had three months together to figure out if we were serious before I graduated and moved back to California… (that’s a Bachelor level time frame, yikes!) which meant a year and a half of 3000+ miles of long distance while she finished school. We live in the South Bay Area with our two cats Georgie and Mr. Wobbles (he has cerebellar hypoplasia - look it up!). 

My queer identity is a HUGE part of who I am. I didn’t see any soft butch lesbians or nonbinary people in mainstream media growing up, so I didn’t end up coming out as gay until the end of college and nonbinary in early 2022. Now Ali & I have an incredible worldwide community of queer people of ALL kinds through our Instagram account.

Give us a follow if you need more wholesome queer content in your life. Let’s be friends!


Becca (they/them) & Kirat (she/her)

As a queer couple, when my Spouse and I started our search for a photographer we were very clear about two things - that it was important to us to utilize local, LGBTQ+ vendors as much as possible, and that we wanted to have someone on our team that would help up create (and capture) the vision for our event and ceremony that was still being fleshed out. Jenni was such a perfect fit for us! Our ceremony was semi-elopement and a little complex with many parts and Jenni did such an incredible job of understanding our vision and capturing the moments so beautifully. Jenni even put together our photo backdrop for our celebration dinner later that evening and it was so perfect. These are the priceless things you can’t quite anticipate when you choose a photographer, but Jenni really came through for us in so many ways.

When I look at the photos they are so alive, little moments we could have forgotten immortalized in the photos and we will treasure them forever.”

Julie (she/her) & Tad (he/him)

Working with Jenni was so much fun! If it wasn't already clear from the photos on their website and socials - their enthusiasm, and passion for the work they do shines through in every interaction from the initial email, to the day of shooting! Not only do my husband and I have gorgeous photos, but Jenni made it such a fun process! I hate having photos taken of me - especially full body, but Jenni was able to capture my husband, and my personalities and, dare I say make me feel BEAUTIFUL in front of the camera. If you're looking for an inclusive, creative, and truly genuine person to work with, then look no further! My only wish is that I had found Jenni sooner so I could've had them photograph our wedding!

I've never laughed more, and have never felt so instantly comfortable. 

Alex (they/them) & Jake (HE/HIM)

Jenni was truly amazing. Our communication was super open and she answered my 1,000,000 questions so I was prepared for anything. We did a very relaxed and casual couples photo session (which turned into a surprise proposal!!!!).

My partner and I are both neurodivergent so having to take photo after photo usually is an unpleasant experience for us, but truly Jenni made it an experience that we both enjoyed.

Our friends and family have raved about our gallery, and I will be singing Jenni’s praises for as long as I walk this earth.

My partner and I are neurodivergent - Jenni made [our session] an experience that we both enjoyed!”

Sarah & stephanie (both she/her)

For our wedding, it was important for my wife and I to have queer owned businesses with strong organization skills, human first approaches and professionalism as vendors. Jenni gave us everything we wanted and more. From our first call, they were super responsive to all emails, shared timelines and followed up exactly as they said they would. What really was amazing was how much Jenni became part of the celebration and put people at ease so we got very real and genuine photos of our guests having a good time. We got so many compliments from our guests about how awesome Jenni is.

What really was amazing was how much Jenni became part of the celebration.

River (they/them)

It was one of the most affirming things I've ever done! Getting pictures taken is often a stressful experience because feel pressure to show up as either masculine or feminine without much room between. With Jenni, I had a chance to design the shoot from the ground up with her.

The result was a set of photos that felt truly and uniquely like me instead of a forced, constricted version of me. And on TOP of all of that, Jenni is a FANTASTIC person to spend an afternoon with!

 It was one of the most affirming things I've ever done!

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